Gaurang’s main areas of practice are professional negligence and personal injury and he also maintains a significant commercial practice.

He has extensive experience of more than 38 years handling complex and catastrophic injury cases including amputation and fatal accident cases, workplace accidents and occupational illness. He is regularly instructed in difficult and large cases.

He is instructed in the Grenfell Tower related claims and the sub-postmaster’s claims.

He is independent Counsel determining the disputes in claims arising from the criminal acts of David Fuller.

Gaurang is an accredited mediator (London School of Mediation). He undertakes mediation in professional negligence, co-ownership and personal injury disputes.

He is a former executive committee member of the Professional Negligence Bar Association.

Gaurang deals with all aspects of personal injury cases but his main focus now is on high value fatal and serious injury claims. He has significant practice in fatal injury claims arising out of road traffic and accidents at work, occupational illness and clinical negligence. He deals with occupational illness claims including asbestos related illness, psychiatric injury as a result of stress at work and historic sexual abuse claims. Gaurang has been involved in groundbreaking seminal cases in occupational illness notably Dickins -v- O2 [2008] EWCA Civ 1144; Gallagher -v- Bond Pearce [2001] 2WLUK 272.

Notable Personal Injury cases

  • Sardar v Vue Cinema [2023]

    Gaurang was leading counsel for the Claimant in this tragic case of an accident in a cinema.  The deceased keys and phone had fallen under his recliner seat in a cinema.  During his attempt to retrieve these, the footrest which had been in an upright position, unexpectedly started to return to its normal resting position, trapping the deceased head and neck.

    Gaurang, as Leading counsel, recovered in excess of £800,000 in a significant settlement.

  • Hiroko Hart-Leverton v Kaya [2023]

    The deceased, a cyclist, was killed in a road traffic accident.  There were issues arising from deceased’s pension and likely date of retirement.  Gaurang obtained a significant settlement for the estate just under £300,000.

  • Das [PR of the estate of Sampa Das] -v- Law [2021]

    Gaurang secured a settlement in a fatal accident claim where a mother of 2 was tragically crushed to death by a truck but liability was disputed.

  • Ardi Bushi –v- Exotic stones Limited & Yes Marble Limited [2020]

    Gaurang represented the Claimant, aged 41, who suffered amputation of his right dominant arm and other serious physical and psychiatric injuries as a result of accident in the course of his work. Gaurang argued for 2 functional electric prosthesis that share 2 hands/ terminal device together with a dedicated non-electric sports/gym arm with a selection of interchangeable terminal devices (“bionic arm”). He helped secure a settlement of £2.65mn.

  • JW –v- Richard John Hickson [2020]

    Gaurang acted for the Defendant in a claim for substantial damages for historic sexual abuse when the Claimant was between 12 and 14 years of age. The last incident was about 25 years earlier. The claim followed an acquittal in the criminal trial. Gaurang advised on the most cost effective resolution of the case.

  • Kirsten Holly Reay –v- DWF LLP [2020]

    This was a claim for damages for psychiatric injury induced by stress at work as a Solicitor due to excessive workload. Complex factual issues relating to workload. Gaurang assisted in bringing the claim to a successful compromise just prior to a 4 day trial.

  • Wioletta Wojciechowska –v- Galczynski & UK Insurance [2020]

    Gaurang acted for the Claimant, aged 41, suffered rib fractures and thoraco-lumbar spinal fractures in a road traffic accident. She required surgical fixation of the spinal fractures. She was, however, a stoic woman and concerned about job security so returned to work after 6 months whilst still in pain. As a result Defendants argued that she was not disabled and not at a substantial disadvantage in the labour market and didn’t require the amount of care. Gaurang prepared a detailed Schedule of Loss with a significant future loss of earnings and future cost of care claim setting out in detail the basis of the claim. The claim was settled for a 6 figure sum at JSM.

Gaurang’s practice is largely claimant based and ranges from birth defects, negligence arising from surgery and GP’s negligence.

Notable Clinical Negligence & Healthcare cases

  • Kokutingilila [PR of the estate of Master Najeeb Katende] -v- London Ambulance Service [2021]

    Gaurang secures substantial settlement for the estate of a young boy Najeeb, aged 15, in this tragic and complex case on causation. Najeeb collapsed in a gym at school and the first paramedic on arrival misinterpreted the initial rhythm as non-shockable at about 10:12am. An advanced paramedic arrived and found shockable rhythm and shocked at about 10:36. Najeeb sadly passed away upon arrival at hospital. There was detailed analysis of the percentage chances of successful resuscitation if the shock had been applied earlier. It was matter of minutes. Gaurang worked with his solicitor, the ambulance expert and cardiologist to evaluate the records to formulate a claim which led to a settlement.

  • Mrs Khuan Thye Wong PR of the estate of Mr Senh Cah Van (deceased) –v- Barts Health NHS Trust [Ongoing]

    Gaurang acts for the widow of the deceased who fell off a ladder and was admitted to the D hospital and underwent a large craniotomy. During the surgery there was a large bleeding which the surgeon failed to control leading to his death. This was a difficult claim as it related to criticism of the surgeon during surgery. The deceased also had a very complicated business affairs both in UK and abroad which required careful analysis.

  • Mrs Sithy Raheem Beevi Mohammed Faizal as Administrator of the Estate of Master Iman Abdullah Mohammed Faizal (Deceased) –v- North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust

    This is a claim for damages on behalf of the estate of a minor and his mother in her own right for personal injuries she suffered as a result of the clinical negligence of D when she was in their care during her pregnancy. As a result of various delays during her labour baby Iman was born with Grade 3 hypoxic Ischaemic Encephalopathy and suffered seizures. 11 months later he died.

  • Mrs Claire Elizabeth Cann (Wife and PR of the estate of Peter Robert Cann (Deceased) –v- Southend

    Gaurang acts for the C whose husband died due to the failure of D to detect pancreatic malignancy with complicated issues about life expectancy and causation.

Gaurang’s Inquest work is healthcare and workplace accident related deaths.

Notable Inquests & Inquiries cases

  • Kenneth Dentith

    Gaurang represented the family in a death arising from a fall in a hospital. The coroner found failing in his care resulting in his death.

  • Daljit Bhatti – Derbyshire

    Death by overdose of psychiatric patient on home visit.

  • Catherine Robinson – Woking

    A young mother who suffered from depression and anxiety, sadly committed suicide contributed by the neglect of the Surrey & Borders Partnership (Mental Health & LD). Gaurang represented the family where the Coroner made a finding of neglect.

  • Cotterill – Stoke-on-Trent

    Death due to undiagnosed duodenal ulcer.

  • Addison Marilyn – Stoke-on-Trent

    A neo-natal death where Coroner found failing in the pre-natal care of the mother.

  • Jeffrey Nellis – Wiltshire

    A widely publicised case of death by stabbing/fall (ongoing).

  • Archie Jesty

    Suicide by a young man aged 18 (ongoing).

Gaurang’s commercial practice spans a large area of professional negligence, particularly claims against solicitors, surveyors, architects, civil fraud cases, director’s disqualification, partnership disputes.

He has dealt with long and complex civil fraud cases. He deals with pre-emptive remedies such as freezing injunctions, delivery up and summary judgment and has dealt with long and complicated committal for contempt proceedings.

Notable Commerical cases

  • Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Limited -v- Khan & Others [2018] EWHC 2581 QB

    Gaurang successfully defended complex committal proceedings lasting 9 days in the High Court

  • Peter Pavelec –v- Slater Gordon Solutions Legal Limited [Ongoing]

    Gaurang acts for the C, an award winning body builder who was injured in a road traffic accident. Claim against his solicitors for under compensation at trial due to their negligence. Complex issues relating to loss of a chance of prize money and loss of business.

  • Soul –v- Soul

    Gaurang successfully defeated the registration of the lease on the grounds of fraud/validity of the lease. This was a dispute between first cousins as to whether or not a lease of a garden adjacent to the Applicant’s property had been granted by a family company. The case also considered the effect of non –registration and whether, if a lease had been granted it was in breach of trust. [2018] UKFTT 721 (PC)

  • Tarik Jamous –v- Alexander Mercouris [2020]

    This was claim for professional negligence/negligence against a Barrister who was subsequently struck off but pending appeal This claim was brought a long time after the events.
    The claim arose from a very bizarre set of circumstances and threw up a range of issues from summary judgment, procedural wrangles, limitation, permission to appeal out of time, appeals procedure, resisting the appointment of a litigation friend.
    [2019] EWHC 722 (QB); [2019] EWHC 1746 (QB); [2020] EWHC 2814 (QB).


“The fact that you have been there throughout has been a constant comfort and support to us both, and was a guarantee that we would eventually have a good outcome. That has now come, and for that you have our eternal thanks.”

Mr. M DPA Client

“Gaurang is always readily available to assist in my cases, both formally and informally. His advice is consistently reliable, informed and thorough. He interacts extremely well with Claimants in conference, with instructing solicitors and experts. He remains involved in the cases throughout, touching base even when no papers are before him.”

CM, Solicitor (Head of Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence)

“Gaurang is my go to counsel for any complex civil matter. He has excellent attention to detail and is good in conference with clients, putting them at ease and fully engaging with them. He has a faultless knowledge of the law and is a very experienced and persuasive advocate, who judges respond well to. Always excellently prepared and realistic with advice.”

David Harbron

Regulated by the Bar Standards Board (BSB)

Regulated by the Bar Standards Board (BSB) and holds a current practising certificate.

Regulated by the Bar Standards Board (BSB)

Regulated by the Bar Standards Board (BSB) and holds a current practising certificate.

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